The Biannual Selection Process

In May and November, we rotate the artwork throughout the hotel with a range of artists to continuously showcase what the arts community is creating across the city. Didactic in our approach, we walk the line between luxury and grassroots with a range of cultural musings that are fresh and emotionally fulfilling. 

Never the same, our selection process is not centered on a body of work but about bringing together individual pieces that best represent the breadth of art being created in our community. From artists just stepping out to those returning to their practice, we know art isn’t always about the CV but about the journey. An established artist may have a certain aesthetic but with our submission process they can experiment and go out of their comfort zone and still be accepted into the Biannual Exhibition which is unlike many other submission processes. Our First Floor Gallery rotates quarterly to showcase the larger bodies of work.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach. For in the words of our co-founder Angad Paul, “What is Art but seeing the world in a different way…and what is Life but a series of experiences connected together.” Our end goal is to take the viewer into a sampling of the diversity and talent that the greater Saint Louis art community vibrates with everyday and inspire anyone who finds themselves within our colorful walls. 

If you are interested in submitting to our spring or fall biannual exhibition, please email our Curator, Vanessa Rudloff to join the mailing list today.