The Biannual Selection Process

In May and November, we rotate the artwork throughout the hotel with a range of artists to continuously showcase what the arts community is creating across the city. Didactic in our approach, we walk the line between luxury and grassroots with a range of cultural musings that are fresh and emotionally fulfilling. 

Never the same, our selection process is not centered on the body of work but more about the passion, curation and fit of a particular work. An artist with a certain aesthetic can experiment and go out of their comfort zone and still be accepted into our gallery, which is unlike many other submission processes. 

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach but various methods or artistic madness. To arrange all the necessary particulars (not just the work itself), we are constantly changing our perception and our way with the end goal being to push the envelope and inspire anyone who finds themselves within our colorful walls.