How do you want to feel?

The red room is all about finding your power. Whether it is moving business forward with creative decisions or using our platform to empower local artists and creatives - we recognize who we are, know that we have a voice and we use it to build the creative good in all people.

The blue room is all about freedom. Be free to be yourself. Be free from your stress, your responsibilities and what holds you back. Angad is a place to free your mind to relax, find comfort and be creative.

The green room is all about rejuvenation. Rejuvenation, connection, and healing both personality and in our community.

The yellow room is all about curiosity. Learning, exploring, and pushing the norm of what we know and how we see the world is at the center of our programming and arts curation.

Rooms & Suites


Explore our unique selection of room types. Enjoy a relaxing stay in any of our rooms and enjoy the effect of each color.


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