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We Are Root Mod

Sun Aug 25

We Are Root Mod is unconventional.  Their live instrumentation provides a grooving, cultured, gospel-infused approach to hip hop that does more than just encourage head nods.  We Are Root Mod inspires listeners to action.

What is unknown to new/many fans is that the band consists of 6 members who are all family-- growing up in church together playing music.  "Our parents raised us in an environment that encouraged musical freedom and growth. Many years down the line as we all moved away, went off to school, traveled and kicked our lives off... we found ourselves back in our native city but this time in collaboration for one common and consistent goal-- to share our love for music. " In 2017, band members Daniel Fitzpatrick (keys), Bianca Fitzpatrick (lead vocalist), Greg Fitzpatrick (lead vocalist) and Thomas Paden (drummer)  joined together to create the band as we know today, We Are Root Mod.  What started as a casual project infusing their own unique personalities into upbeat covers, the band set their focus on producing and writing original content. Not too long after, Peter Plank (guitar) and Landon King (bass) joined the movement and completed the union to create the soulful, yet hip sound many of  We Are Root Mod's followers support them for.

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