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Coffee With Creatives |x Tricia Thurman/CLR-MNSTR

Wed Mar 18
12:30 pm
@ Grand Ballroom

Coffee With Creatives is a recurring series of speakers, hosting discussions loaded with career scaling insights and expertise...a connection point for collaboration and innovation.
Raised in the school of retail hard knocks... Tricia, also known as Trixie is a self-made scrapper who started her fashion buying career at an early age of 19. While her friends were still adjusting to campus life, hangovers and dorm-room etiquette, she was relentlessly climbing up the retail ladder.

An unapologetic high school dropout making minimum wage at Chesterfield Mall, she flipped pretzels at Auntie Anne's before she managed fashion retail stores...and before legal drinking age, she surpassed entry-level internships and landed a buying job managing 2 assistant buyers and a $30mm business.

Instead of sororities and frat parties, Tricia traveled to NYC, Vegas, ATL, and LA for Market Week to source products she could stock in 40 locations across the midwest and east coast.

Fast Forward to 2005-2020.... she's worked in leadership and buying roles for the following companies: Shoe Company (now Caleres), Glik's Stores, Dollhouse Footwear, Here Today Stores and Dunham’s Sporting Goods and Associated Footwear. Most notably, she developed and launched the following art-meets-fashion concept retail shops Tampa and St. Louis.

+ NEO TRASH, art + clothing and buy-sell-trade boutique in Tampa, 2005-2007 (now closed, this is where it all began...)

+ 2012 CLR-MNSTR, boutique + artspace, opened on Washington Avenue in Downtown St. Louis

+ 2018 CLR-MNSTR, the pop-up shop, a quiet relaunch as a pop-up art party space in collaboration with mascot agency, located at 1900 Locust at the offices of mascot agency in the Locust Business District.

+ 2019 CLR-MNSTR | a hotel gift shop concept + artspace, re-opened 12.21.19 as a permanent brick & mortar retail store inside the Angad Arts Hotel. Featuring a monthly rotation of original artwork and collection of thoughtfully crafted products made by artists, designers, and purpose-driven brands. A creative culture retail space and platform for the emerging makers market + live-local experience.

Join us Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 at the Angad Arts Hote over coffee, Strange Donuts, CLR-MNSTR, lots of F-words and love for The Wu-Tang Clan.


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