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Our restaurant and rooftop lounge are temporarily closed for social distancing.

Coffee With Creatives | Rok Patel - Improv Comedian

Wed Jul 10
12:30 pm
@ Grand Ballroom

Rok Supports Locals. While actively catching local events and enjoying the local arts and entertainment scene, he never fails to make sure to spread the word.

Rok has been doing Improv Comedy for the past 5 years. Recently, he spends time coaching improv comedy teams and supporting the local comedy scene overall. He also moonlights as a Host and MC for several private events.


Meet, learn, share and build with other like-minded locals over coffee and STRANGE DONUTS at The Angad Arts Hotel - Wednesday, July 10th, 12:30-2: 30 pm.

Get tickets now to RSVP your seat - space is limited. Tickets are not required to attend.

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